Aluminum profile: what is it?

aluminium profile

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31 Aug 2018

An aluminum profile is almost always an extruded aluminum profile. Also, other types of aluminum profiles are used. For example, bent and rolled.

Aluminum profile: function

Each aluminum profile has its own purpose, its properties, and its characteristics. If this is just a decorative element, the main purpose of which is to be beautiful, to please the eye, then its main characteristic is a good surface quality, the uniform color of its decorative coating, powder or anode.

If, for example, an opaque colorless anode coating is specified for an aluminum profile, then it must be truly matte. This same “haze” should be completely uniform when viewed from a given distance and at a given angle, without visible stripes and other visual surface inhomogeneities. To ensure all this, it is necessary to apply an aluminum alloy with a special chemical composition, a special technology for its manufacture and a special technology for processing its surface.

Aluminum profile: purpose

Aluminum profiles, as elements of a load-bearing building or other structures, require special attention to their mechanical characteristics:

In this case, it is important to choose the right alloy, its condition (the degree of curing or heat treatment), as well as the necessary dimensional accuracy in its manufacture.

In other types of profiles, it is necessary to take into account properties such as corrosion resistance in the environment in which the profile will work, sometimes electrical conductivity or heat resistance.

Alloys for aluminum profiles

Extruded aluminum profiles can be made of a large number of alloys in various conditions in order to meet the requirements of various fields of their application - from household products to space launch vehicles.

In principle, an aluminum profile can be pressed from any deformable aluminum alloy (and even cast). However, the flow of metal through the holes and cavities of the matrix at high pressing temperatures requires special flow characteristics so that the metal:

Therefore, aluminum alloys for pressing are specially designed and optimized so that they are most suitable for the conditions of the pressing process and ensure the desired quality of the pressed products.

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